SealFENCE Seal Deterrent

Intelligent Acoustic Deterrent

SealFENCE is an intelligent acoustic deterrent system (sometimes known as a seal scarer)  designed to deter seals and sea lions from underwater areas using a unique ultrasonic transmission.

The system is close range (effective at up to 50m) and uses a proven, physiological technique.   SealFENCE comprises a topside control module and a submerged “smart projector” (manufactured exclusively for us by Airmar Technology)  that emits the sound.  The short range means that a network of modules is required around the farm to create a “fence” of protection.

SealFENCE features a unique Active Condition Monitoring (ACM) System which checks that each Smart Projector is working correctly and displays live and historical performance information on the barge.

SealFENCE is a modular system with each self contained module located on each cage.  There are no cables running between cages or between the barge and the cage.

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